Get to know Bruce Chan, founder of Growland

PUBLICATION: The Real Estate Conversation

Bruce Chan is the chairman and founder of Melbourne development company, Growland. He told SCHWARTZWILLIAMS that one of the reasons for his success is his ability to face obstacles with enthusiasm, and to constantly learn and improve along the way. He loves the process of creating something from nothing.

As both a developer and resident of Melbourne, he would like to see more innovative architecture in his home city.

How did you first get into property development?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and have been fascinated by property from an early age. I started purchasing and selling land projects in Brisbane back in the 90s, and I was constantly wanting to learn more about the industry and grow my knowledge and experience.

One day an opportunity presented itself to develop a multicomplex site in Melbourne, which I enjoyed so much I was inspired to start Growland.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the process of building things. Creating something from nothing that will last and leave behind a legacy is an incredibly rewarding experience.

What makes a good developer?

A good developer is one that is always willing to take on new challenges and think laterally. No matter how many projects you develop, each one presents its own unique set of obstacles; to be successful you need to meet these obstacles with enthusiasm and strive to push the boundaries of what you think is possible. When you do that, each project will be an improvement on the last and you will be proud of what you have created.