Growland’s $5,000 Deposit Promotion!

The journey to homeownership is now smoother than ever, all thanks to Growland’s latest offering – the $5k Deposit Promotion now on offer across its residential land communities. If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own home in a thriving residential community, this limited-time opportunity is your key to turning that dream into reality.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique features of this promotion and shed light on why a Growland Residential community is the ultimate destination for prospective homeowners.

A Distinctive Approach by Growland: Growland is renowned for more than just creating new home allotments; they craft communities that elevate living standards and inspire a sense of belonging. What sets Growland apart is their dedication to providing residents with not just places to live, but enriched lifestyles that cater to both individual needs and collective aspirations.

Introducing the $5k Deposit Promotion: Imagine embarking on your homeownership journey with a mere $5,000 deposit. This remarkable promotion has been meticulously crafted to help alleviate one of the financial barriers that often hinders potential homeowners. The $5k Deposit Promotion reflects Growland’s commitment to transforming dreams into tangible, accessible realities.

The Advantages of the Promotion:

  1. Accessible Entry Point: With a minimal deposit of $5,000, you can secure your place in one of Growland’s exceptional residential communities; Banyan Place in Officer, Marigold in Tarneit or Botania located in Fraser Rise, making the prospect of homeownership more attainable than ever before.
  2. Financial Freedom: By reducing the upfront deposit, Growland enables you to allocate your resources more flexibly, whether it’s personalizing your new home or settling comfortably into your new lifestyle.
  3. Extended Payment Terms: Delaying the payment date of the 5% deposit, allows new purchasers additional time to save for their 5% deposit and building contract, whilst locking in today’s prices.
    See Terms & Conditions for each community for the varying due dates.
  4. Stress-Free Transition: The $5k Deposit Promotion underscores Growland’s commitment to a seamless homeownership journey. By eliminating the burden of a hefty initial payment, you can focus on what truly matters – settling into your new home and community.

Why choose Growland?
Growland is an Australian company committed to improving the quality of life of its residents through the practice of responsible property development.

  1. Prime Location: All Growland residential communities are positioned in growing regions of Melbourne’s fringe, offering the perfect blend of urban convenience and serene suburban living. Proximity to schools, shopping centres, and major transportation hubs ensures your daily needs are effortlessly met which ever community you choose.
  2. Community Integration: Growland was formed out of a mutual desire to create places for people to enjoy for a lifetime. Growland’s approach to creating considered developments that improve both the fabric of a suburb, and quality of life for its residents, is evidenced by the popularity of its current projects incorporating well-planned communal spaces, parks, and community events foster meaningful connections and a strong sense of belonging.
  3. Exemplary Craftsmanship: Every Banyan Place home is a testament to Growland’s commitment to quality and excellence. The architectural design harmonizes contemporary aesthetics with enduring charm, ensuring a community that stands the test of time.

Getting Started:

  1. Explore Online: Begin by visiting one of Growland’s residential communitity websites to find which development is the right fit for you and your family.
  2. Reach Out: Connect with a member from our dedicated sales team to learn more about the $5k Deposit Promotion and discuss your preferences and requirements.
  3. Reserve Your Future: Seize this exceptional opportunity by securing your spot within one of Growland’s inspiring residential communities with a cool $5,000 deposit.

Growland’s $5k Deposit Promotion is your gateway to homeownership within a vibrant community. This exclusive offer, combined with Growland’s dedication to fostering quality lifestyles, makes it an opportunity not to be missed. Take the first step towards transforming your homeownership dream into reality – begin your home-owning journey with Growland today!

View Banyan Place, Officer
View Marigold, Tarneit
View Botania, Fraser Rise

Frog Way Park at Marigold Now Open!

Construction of Marigold’s newest park in Stage 10 of the community, Frog Way Park, is complete and we are pleased to announce is now open to the public for all to enjoy!

The park was officially approved by council on the 2nd of June 2023 and all ongoing maintenance has now been handed over to Wyndham City Council.

Frog Way Park is the second local park for the Marigold community in Tarneit, positioned in the top north-eastern section of the community on the corner of Ulmus Street & Frog Way.

The new park references the previously completed Gathering Grove Park, which was delivered in Stage 5 of the community,  and helps to reinforce consistency in the community by continuing the use of curvilinear shared paths around the perimeter and drawing on the use of large ornate boulders and logs to connect the green spaces and wider landscape. The new park also shares the same vibrant use of the Marigold colours (red, yellow and blue) for the playing surfaces, whose circular patterns are inspired by cricket ovals and bright colours are reminiscent of produce at a spice market.

Frog Way Park has been designed as a more passively centred park where Marigold residents can come to relax and enjoy a quiet moment.  The expansive grassed area provides a huge multipurpose space for residents to enjoy whether that be for picnicking with friends, running around with the dog or utilising the wide space for any number of lawn or ball games.

The play equipment has been designed for the littlest residents of the Marigold community in Tarneit, who can expect to be attracted to the bright wooden rockers and flower spinners that add a burst of colour to the park, alongside the planted garden.

There is also feature platform seating perfect for sitting in the sun on and reading, standard bench seating where you can catch up with friends as you watch your children play, and a water fountain.

We look forward to many Marigold families enjoying and making memories in this new green space.

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Why Choose Growland?

Have you found yourself wondering, where should I buy property in Melbourne?

Buying a home is a major financial decision in anyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-home buyer, investor or simply looking for a new place to live.

There’s many factors to consider, such as proximity to amenities you need, the lifestyle on offer and much more.

With 10 years of experience in sustainable property development, Growland is proud to be one of the leading property developers in Melbourne.

Whether it’s an architecturally-striking built environment or a master-planned community, our developments improve both the fabric of a suburb and the quality of life for residents.

Read on to discover how a Growland community can transform your investment experience.

Connected Convenience

Each Growland development is carefully designed, planned and built with residents interests at the forefront.

That’s why each of our projects are located in close proximity to established and future amenities.

Whether it’s schools, major transport corridors or shopping centres in our master-planned communities or restaurants, entertainment complexes and outdoor spaces for our apartment complexes, you’ll find it all within comfortable walking or driving distance.

With three major apartment and lifestyle complexes located in Melbourne’s inner city, Growland’s developments epitomise the cosmopolitan, enviable urban lifestyle that the city is renowned for.

Marco Melbourne boasts seamless access to major entertainment complexes such as Crown Melbourne, Southbank, Flinders Street and more.

Similarly, Neue Grand’s ideal location on the thoroughfare of St Kilda Road brings Port Phillip Bay, the city, the Botanic Gardens and more to within minutes of resident’s doors.

Victoria Square’s picturesque riverside location brings the likes of Docklands, Yarraville and the CBD within easy reach.

And the same goes for our communities.

Set in some of Melbourne’s fastest-growing corridors, on both the southeastern and western sides of the city, our developments offer a peaceful, natural lifestyle, whilst keeping residents connected and engaged with the amenities around them.

Botania, Marigold and Banyan Place are just minutes from the established suburbs of Caroline Springs, Tarneit and Berwick respectively.

This brings quality education, leisure facilities, transport corridors, shopping precincts and more within a short drive from home. Plus, each community is located under 10 minutes from an established train station.

No matter which community or complex you choose, rest assured that Growland developments deliver the connected, convenient lifestyle you need to live comfortably.

A relaxed, natural lifestyle

Another major focus for Growland precincts, one that has delivered our reputation as one of the top property developers in Melbourne, is our commitment to conserving the natural environment.

Our precincts and communities encourage residents to enjoy a peaceful, natural lifestyle amongst nature. That’s why each Growland development is focused on conserving and providing green spaces and natural features for residents to enjoy.

Our apartment complexes, Victoria Square, Marco Melbourne and Neue Grand, are all within walking distances of major outdoor spaces, including the Maribyrnong River, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria and Albert Park Lake respectively.

Furthermore, each complex offers peaceful outdoor spaces, including the 2400sqm sky garden atop of Victoria Square Stages One and Two. Each complex also encourages an active lifestyle, with a pool and gymnasium available in each precinct.

In our award-winning, master-planned communities across Australia, conservation is a priority for each estate.

Whether it’s natural open space in the form of future wetlands, walking trails, parks or additional recreational facilities including ovals and more, Growland communities prioritise the preservation of the surrounding natural environment.

A solid, trusted reputation

On a mission to continually raise the benchmark in residential living and masterplanned communities, Growland has been widely recognised within the property industry for its outstanding architecture, longstanding commitment to creating inspiring places and for being a trustworthy property developer.

Recently, Stage One at Victoria Square won the High-Density Development at the UDIA Victoria 2021 Awards for Excellence.

Similarly, our commitment to improving the lives of residents and suburbs across Australia is evidenced by the popularity of our current and completed projects.

When it comes to a developer you can trust, look no further than Growland.

For more information on each Growland project, please visit here.